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Enjoy the Privilege of Owning a Design Exclusively - Worldwide!
We are proud to be the only global laminate flooring producer able to cater to individual customers’ customization needs – may it be for your local retail demands or special project specifications - with the lowest minimum order placement per design.

We understand your need to provide good designs to your customers and the importance of design exclusivity for one self. Hence, we are prepared to work out the possibilities of providing you with your very own exclusive designs --- giving you the ultimate edge over your competitors. We offer such flexible yet personalized services presently unmatched by other laminate flooring producers in the market today

Timber Extracted from Designated Man-planted Forests combined with Strict Re-forestation Program.
Timbers used in the production of our laminate flooring come only from designated hardwood forests. Strict forestation program are imposed to ensure that no harmful effects are done to the environment.

Our laminate flooring is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified showing our compliance with the highest social responsibility and environmental standards.

Safer for You; Kinder to the Environment.
Our laminate flooring is classified as E1 grade, which means greater peace of mind for you and your customer. There is also a possibility of offering an E0 grade laminate flooring - our new breakthrough in flooring technology.

Structural Warranty, No-Wear-Thru Warranty, No-Staining Warranty.
We provide a stringent triple warranty of 15 years for Residential Usage and 5 years for Light Commercial Usage:

  • Structural Warranty
  • No-Wear-Thru Warranty
  • No-Staining Warranty

Full Range of Installation Tools and Flooring Accessories Provided
We not only strives hard to provide you with good quality products, but also works hard to give you Total Solution Support and best value for money.

You can get everything on flooring related requirement right here from us. From water-resistant quality laminate flooring to full range of floor installation tools and accessories like our FLOCONNECT™ floor profiles and WALLINE™ skirting boards, all under one roof for your total convenience. Our range of 100% matching WALLINE™ and FLOCONNECT™ are very exceptional and distinct from today's general market offerings – providing and enabling you to have a distinct advantage over your competitors!

Giving you The Leading Edge over Others
KronoLOC constantly introduce new colors and designs to offer you more variety that will eventually be your leading edge over your competitors.
Where possible, we also undertake to develop a design together with you upon request, which means that you give us a design you want, and we will produce that design especially for you even though that design is not our standard color range.

With KronoLOC's extensive experience in the laminate flooring industry, coupled with the invaluable experience of its associate company in melamine paper treatment production, we are set to provide you with the best in colors and designs that will beyond your expectation.


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